B&S Hacienda COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Notice
We are OPEN and here to assist you!

B&S Hacienda is committed to the health and safety of its employees, associates and customers. During this time of crisis, we are taking the following steps to comply with the U.S. CDC.

  1. Office surfaces, door handles, etc. are being sanitized twice daily.
  2. All staff are supplied with protective gloves.
  3. Proper respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene has been taught and is being monitored.
  4. Sick employees are required to stay home.
  5. Signs emphasizing 6-foot minimum distance and general hygiene are posted on our main entrances.
  6. Customers are being offered sanitizing wipes at pick-up.
  7. Office staff has been informed to carefully handle our older customers, as they are at higher risk.

It is our mission to do whatever is necessary to our business running normally. Our employees, their families and your safety, as our customers, is the main priority.

Proper repair of collision damage is critical to the safety and performance of your vehicle. For this, many complex steps and highly skilled technicians are required.

For starters, your vehicle must be connected to a diagnostic computer that can communicate with critical modules to determine if safety or other devices need attention. It’s these systems that provide advanced driver assistance and protection in the event of an accident. Your vehicle cannot be correctly repaired if this is not done.

Next, a thorough repair plan must be made. A diagnostic wheel alignment might need to be performed, then complete disassembly of the affected area takes place. At this stage the estimator, parts person, lead body technician, and painter all need to participate in damage analysis. VIN specific research must also be completed. B&S Hacienda believes this planning stage to be the most important component to an efficient and speedy repair.

Parts are only ordered when the repair plan is finished, then the job is scheduled for entry into production based on the expected parts delivery date. No job may begin until all parts have been procured.

In the event that critical control points have been moved out of alignment, a frame straightening machine might be required. B&S Hacienda strictly follows manufacturer’s recommendations for straightening these areas, including which specific device should be used. Whether you own an Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Tesla, Lexus, Acura,Volkswagen, Hyundai, Infiniti or Maserati, B&S Hacienda owns the required machine.

Mechanical and body comes next. During this process, technicians are allowed all the time they need to accomplish a perfect result. At B&S Hacienda we will never sacrifice quality for speed… Period!

Steps leading up to painting consume the most time. Once your vehicle gets to our paint department, the expected completion date is easier to estimate. In the paint shop, we restore corrosion protection, refine the surfaces to perfection, and apply paint. B&S Hacienda utilizes the finest materials sold by Axalta (formerly known as DuPont). BMW factory paint known as ‘Colorsystem’ is used on BMW products.

After reassembly, a thorough quality inspection is made by no less than 3 staff members, and when necessary, a road test is performed. The post-repair diagnostic scan and detail work wrap up the journey.

Make your decision carefully when choosing a collision repair partner. At B&S Hacienda we treat all of our customers like family members, and demand that our vast experience, training and OEM Certifications be the driving force behind vehicle repairs, not money.

B & S Hacienda works directly with all major insurance companies to quickly repair your car to its original manufacturer’s specifications. We are proud of our extensive experience working with many insurance companies.

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